Calvary Cemetery Rules for decorations, flowers, etc. for cemetery grounds & mausoleum


All decorations, whether natural or artificial, shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations as outlined in the following:  Artificial flowers will be permitted year round on the grounds.  They will be subject to pickup at our discredtion when they become unsightly, i.e., faded, torn, etc.  Artificial flowers should still be in approved containers or will be subject to pickup.  Items that do get picked up will not be stored by the cemetery and will be discarded.  We are not responsible for lost, stolen or removed items on graves.

These new regulations are designed to preserve the appearance of the cemetery that means so much to so many.  We will no longer allow artificial flowers on graves during the mowing and trimming season, April 1st – November 1st Except during special holidays listed belowThis year only (2013) artificial flowers will be picked up starting June 15th.

FLORAL PLACEMENTS - All decorations, whether natural or artificial, shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations as outlined in the following.

Cemetery Sections:  Fresh cut flowers may be placed in cemetery approved vases throughout the year.  Placement of  wreaths, large potted plants, baskets and flower boxes are permitted only between November 1st and April 1st.  They will also be allowed on Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Veteran’s Day.  They will be removed within 10 days following these holidays. Small potted plants will be allowed if they can be lifted with one hand.  Do not place them on the bronze or granite markers as they may contain materials which could discolor the markers which Calvary cannot be held responsible.

Flags will be picked up 4 days after Memorial Day .

Christmas Decorations removed starting Jan. 15th.  These include artificial poinsettias. 

1. Statues are not permitted on graves.   The cemetery will not be responsible for storage of these or any other items. 

2. The green cone type container is a temporary container.  If you wish to re-use it you must pickup before flowers become unsightly.

3. Maximum of three (3) items per grave.

4. Flowers should be in approved cemetery containers or they will be subject to pickup at any time.  Flowers that become unsightly including faded artificial flowers will be removed.

5. Digging holes, planting flowers, shrubs or trees are not permitted.  Glass, metal, sticks, rocks, figurines, toys, windmills, windsocks, etc. or any object that interferes with trimming or mowing are not allowed and will be subject to pickup at any time.

6. The cemetery is not responsible for broken or damaged  items left on graves.

7. The cemetery prohibits enclosures of any type (fencing, coping, etc.)  Border materials including rocks, granite chips, plastic-edging material, bricks, wood or any such other materials are not allowed on the gravesite around a headstone.

8. Metal hanging poles for flower baskets are subject to the approval of management and to be used only during non-mowing season November 1st   to   March 31st.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

MAUSOLEUM: Decorations, containers, flowers, etc. are not allowed on the mausoleum floor except when put there by cemetery staff after an entombment.  Artificial decorations will be removed from mausoleum when they become faded or unsightly. We ask that you respect the seasons of the church and not keep unseasonal decorations up year round. 

The cemetery is not responsible for the theft of any personal items or items left on graves or in mausoleum.

Please secure your valuables at all times as there have been car break-ins in the past not just at Calvary Cemetery but many of the local cemeteries.


A Cemetery is a sacred place. Quiet and reverence must be observed by everyone.  Calvary Cemetery management  reserves the right to refuse admission at any time.


We appreciate and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.